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Meet Our Team

We WANTED to post a picture of our team, but we could never stop laughing long enough to take one. It is on our to-do list.


Let's just say you might talk to Kim, Lauren, or Susan when you call, or get a call back, or a return email. Susan is vegan, Lauren is anti-vegan, and Kim doesn't care.


We all have rescue dogs, and when we say rescue we mean it! We are proud volunteers and supporters of Richmond Animal Care and Control, and we are really partial to rescue cats, too. That is the real reason we are all in business together, so we can afford to feed our animals. Although, truth be told, Green Up-Clean Up is the most amazing stuff we have ever seen, and we bet it will be the same for you. So buy, it, try it, and flood us with photos and emails so we can share your cool stories and make you a social media INFLUENCER!


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