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Green Up-Clean Up™ In Action

See the Magic For Yourself!

Tennis Racket and Ball


Green Up-Clean Up™ is a proprietary mixture of natural, earth-friendly materials designed to quickly and easily help you clean, condition, and even restore your sports equipment.


The only thing more fun than buying the equipment is playing the game! No time wasted with Green Up-Clean Up™.


One spray, one wipe, and you remove dirt and oil from nearly every surface including leather, rubber, plastic, and wood.


Best of all, it conditions and restores your equipment using our proprietary, earth- friendly formula designed to keep your gear and our planet looking brand new!

Baseball and Bat


Equipment is expensive. Keep it, and you, performing like new as Green Up-Clean Up™ removes dirt, oils and wear from your sports equipment so you save time and money, and play on!


  • Golf balls, clubs, shoes, and leather

  • Tennis racket heads, leather handles, and shoes

  • Baseball bats, gloves, and balls

  • Bowling balls and shoes

  • Lacrosse sticks, balls, helmets, and gloves

  • Racquetball racquets, leather handles, and balls

  • Hockey sticks and gloves

  • Rugby balls

  • Soccer Balls, gloves and shoes

  • Use your imagination for so many more applications!

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